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Eric was founded in 1994, is one of a certain size in China's R & D, production, sales and agent for one of the professional audio sound equipment system supplier. Core leadership team consists of professional audio and lighting in the field of technology, product development, marketing years of senior professionals, on a technical level, product development capabilities and product sales network construction are among the domestic leading position. In the United States has now developed into a research and design center set up production centers in China and in the world have agents and service providers of transnational audio business, selling products at home and abroad, Hang reputation worldwide.

"Do my best to create the perfect" is the company's brand philosophy ERIC sound. High-quality products, ensuring the ultimate benefit of the user. Strict quality control, but also enable enterprises in production management through the ISO9001: 2000 certification, the products have passed the European CE certification, UL certification, South Korea KET certification. Company's factory (ERIC AUDIO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.SHENZHEN) In southern China has the largest sound laboratory, professional R & D production base. In addition to the purchase of a variety of laboratory hardware necessary research facilities, is also equipped with EASE acoustic design software, Stardraw lighting design software, DASS, KLIPPEL, SmaartLive acoustic testing other software.

ERIC in China, with good quality and reputation of products by various professionals alike. Linear array products and high power switching power amplifier in the touring market occupies a high market share in all types of commercial performances and demanding live performances obtained tuner, director, actor highly recognized and accompanied by the CCTV same song, fashion pictures and Avenue of Stars and other programs all over the vast land! In addition, in the Auditorium, nightclubs, bars, KTV and other entertainment has a huge customer base and a very good reputation. In some fixed installation also has a wide range of applications, such as sports stadiums, theaters, multi-purpose hall, conference room, church. ERIC is becoming more and more a person needs professional audio product of choice!

 ERIC continue to grow at the same time, we want to be promoting cultural exchanges between East and West music angel sound career in the 21st century, we hope to have your participation and support, work together to dance in China sound on the big stage, interpretation of the colorful life.






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